Preserving The Truth Of Time

     Before the earth is made new,

How shall man choose

To preserve and protect

Our historical cues?

     Can we encapsulate a biography

Of global proportions,

Worthy beyond the safety of gravity?

     Would we float in space

And bypass trajectories,

Of impact, collision,

Or abduction through holes

To far away galaxies?

     Or, would we be remembered

Buried deep in the earth’s dungeon

Of crust and rock

And the cinders of expulsion,

Discovered one day

Many light years from our present,


Where will we be

If we continue our course

Of corrupt technology,

Digital waves,

Harmed by the non-faces

Of hacking?

    The preservation

Of the history of mankind

And the vegetation and creatures

That feed our lives,

Should be,

Some sort of impenetrable and re-playable,

Safe medium.

©2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.




About Cindy Eksuzian

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