Anomalous Identity


Summer bunny in the grass.  CE Eksuzian 2015

Summer bunny is in the grass purveying its choice of landmass.  CE Eksuzian 2015

      A venous system has been cultivating society,

Transporting life blood

Through the inflamed walls of arterial pathways.

Conduits of power and technology,

Have been agglutinating blighted cells.

Unhealthy consciousness,

Has become the public availability for knowledge,

In complicated and confusing forms of false understanding.

     Is society misshaping simplicity,

By endowing its meaning with incongruity,

As it propels imbalance

To and from the heart of sincerity?

Has the vast train of perfectionism

Begun to demean our simple terms,

Cast down our simple words,

Defeat our simple meals,

By its prideful debauchery,

In the accouterments of anomalous identity?

     Is this condition birthing atypical community,

Where elite forms of judgment convey simplicity

As a warrant of underachiever,

Towards the every day human who chooses

To bypass the stereotypical claims that society plays,

On success within double minded identity.

     What if all this striving and gleaning has caused humanity,

To lose the understanding of humility?

Why is one upping another,

A so behind the back passively aggressive reality,

While the misshapen form of truth,

Morphs whitewash for attacks on serendipity?

Pride and arrogance,

Mixed with cleverly, combustible prevaricating,

Are ruining morals and ethics delivered in humanity.

The good in society has become hidden,

Beneath a color form of politically correct chicanery,

All for the summit of power, face and money.

     Where will the hearts of our children be

In a land with this sort of psychology?

©2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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