Innocence Shall Propel Us Into Salvation

Innocence shall propel us into salvation. - C. E. Eksuzian 2016

Innocence shall propel us into salvation. – C. E. Eksuzian 2016

A few weeks ago, I woke to an ethereal movement of bright white forms.  They were faces, heads and busts, both male and female, trying valiantly in the light of space to communicate their need to be noticed and accepted.  This was not a dream.  It was a moving vision of light that descended powerfully and the following poem emerged from this beautiful experience.

Innocence shall propel us into salvation.

     Innocence is,

Our instinctive inclination

Of faith in living.

     Innocence is,

The truth of our inherent being, and,

The reason for incarnation’s manifestation.

     Innocence is,

Our founding and action for

The blessings of life,

Given to us

By the One, Most High,

Our reason for living.

     Consciousness abides,

Faces, cheeks and eyes,

Man and woman’s glare

Through a world of troubled why’s.

Necks, shoulders and eyebrows,

Foreheads hard as flint,

Lips speaking variable, earthly sighs.

     The busts of moving multitudes collide,

While dove outside my window,

Perches on telephone wire, and,

Coos her mourning tithes.

     Dark sunglasses veil

To what end maquillage,

The melange of desire,

Shall transpire, this interlocking puzzle

Seen by the mind’s flight.

     The swirling discord

Of countless cons in human form,

Is the precipice,

The prompt for each of us

To open the gate

For the descent of Heavenly light.

     At this position,

Is the blessing of knowing

The choice between

Two worlds.

     To stay in the chaos of disequilibrium,

Our faces only try

Toward Heaven on High,

Missing the heartfelt awareness

Of penitence required,

For God and His wondrous Son, and,

So ill-informed,

Are pulled back to earth

Beneath the Spirit’s buoyant lift,

Once again bearing the seeds of

Salvation’s inclusionary design.

     In the midst of it all,

Rest’s the awakening to

The snow white lamb,

A luminary memory of innocence,

Purity, which originates in

The mind’s eye of the child.

     This glimpse is a quickening

That endures as,

An immortal truth at hand, and,

An invitation to procure the ride

With the gentle swell of angels on high,

To embark upon their protective embrace

For the soul’s eternal glide,

When the earth dies to the confounding darkness and,

Becomes one with God’s everlasting loving kindness

In the brightest of light.

     Innocence is,

Our very own blessing of nature,

From the One, Most High,

Our natural instinct, our autopilot.

Blessed be the Glory of our Lord, God in Heaven, and,

Blessed be His One and only Son, Our Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

     Innocence is,

A call of remembrance,

To embrace our life with

God’s unendingly spherical wave of time.

© 2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Isaiah’s Vision  6:  6-7

6  Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal in his hand, which he had take from the alter with tongs.

7  He touched my mouth with it and said, “Behold, this has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away and your sin is forgiven.”

Thanks be to God.

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