Misperception Shall Escalate

Wednesday A. M. 10 July 2016 before daylight

     I saw the earth last night,

Against a darkness surrounding it.

Continents and water were cast in sunlight,

Yet space was starless.

Insatiable greed for power on a global scale will produce proliferating veins in life that shall multiply false consciousness. Because of fear and widespread dissemination of communication, sweeping doubt regarding what is true and what is false shall be a strong movement in society. This will continue to cause disruption and unrest in peoples lives due to the fear that will lead people to succumb to such bipolar projections.

Do we believe what is true or do we believe the white wash of truth?

It will be more presently challenging to discern the truth, especially for safety in society, unless, the light of God in the strong action by people, is honored.

     There is much

In the arrogance of power,

That is incredibly blatant and shameful, and,

Its weavings of deception

To cover lies lived,

Are all together unconscionable.

     Let us, all people,

Not be deceived by,

The declaration of words on podiums.

We must ask ourselves,

Where is the proof of demonstrations, and,

Their resulting settlements?

Do these layers ring true for life,

By the very laws that govern?

     Unless we pray to God,

That He reveal His truth

In all of our own personal workings, and,

The workings of others

That effect and affect our living,

     There shall be

An escalation of misperception

More strongly than ever before

In the history of creation.

     This is an indication

That the shattering of the covenant

Foretold in Daniel 11,

Is pervading life.

©2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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