2017 A Favorable Year of Our LORD, God in Heaven


Beautiful Understanding shall be made known to the earth. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

Beautiful Understanding shall be made known to the earth. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

     Oh, dear God in Heaven,

Cast your eyes upon the earth.

Reveal your hand

Over movements of man.

Uncover the wiles, and,

The truth that stands.

     Deliver us LORD from every evil, and,

Grant us peace and salvation.

Lift us out of every water,

Great and small,

Help us to discern every wall,

Of illusion.

     Free us from the pain

Of heart wrenching delusion.

Blessed be the Glory of YOU, LORD, God in Heaven.


     Two thousand seventeen shall be,

A favorable year of our LORD.

The oceans will rejoice.

The mountains shall chorus.

The rivers will sing tones

Of frolicking water splashes.

     Rocks will glisten golden.

They shall sparkle by unknown illumination.

Salmon shall jump to the sky,

Even as they go home to their origin.

     The trees shall photosynthesize

A hearty regeneration surprise,

For the blessings of the LORD Shall be made renown.

     The richness of these gifts

Shall be conveyed,

As plain as day,

As He brings His sunshine upon us.

Inevitably, these points of light

Shall surpass all deception.

     His truth shall reign

With every living breath that breathes,

The full understanding of Heaven.

Blessed be the Glory of You, LORD, Amen.

The Golden Steam

     The steam is golden.

It wafts with feeling.

Tendrils rise above nimbus clouds

Of conflict, commerce, and,

Extreme consumerism.

     The breath of God propels such ceilings.

He delivers the choice to unite with our soul,

In deep and fruitful flowers of healing.

Cornsilk glistens as sunlight meets water.

Blessed by the precipice of light joining matter.

God shines His countenance over all of creation.

We shall light about in confident joy by the Grace of God. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

We shall light about in confident joy by the Grace of God. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

     At table,

When the earth is silent,

In gray and brown tones,

Laden with crystals of benevolent snow,

We are invited to His spring fed well

Of restful contemplation.

     We know in this space,

That God’s gift of restoration

Is our boundless way home, and,

His blessings are with us,

In the midst of such wondrous understanding.

A Mind Boxer’s Garden

     The Dissertation

This is,

A dissertation on the comment,

“It is what it is.”

We are back to the earthly manifestations of man.

Someone once said, “It is what it is.”

     Can we see the hand of man for what it is?

Can we see the machinations

Of our own hand’s self consciousness?

God is our true judge and the father of time.

He reveals each crystal of sand we outline.

     What is known is,

The trains of existence

Shall take this reconnaissance unto themselves as ownership.

They shall exploit it to profit

Political oneupmanship, and,

God’s servant,

Whose mouth these words emerged from,

Shall watch the landscape’s footprints.

Time is life's friend, always giving the tracks of evidence. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

Time is life’s friend, always giving to life the tracks of evidence. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

     The box.

The boxing ring.

The Box Office.

     The box is geometry,

A four form possibility,

With no one point removing choice,

From its symmetry.

     The only choice is to remove oneself,

From a box cast with unprofitability.

A box is laden with reflection.

Its mirrored walls and floor and ceiling

Send light by geometrical pattern.

      Its mirror game breeds a name.

The name is deceiver

Whose intent is to play deception,

Over the face of innocence.

Ultimately, light bending movements

Relay screen play denouements.

     The gamer of false prophecy

Corner’s the ear, and,

Styles the hair by psychological effervescence.

Those who get lost in Alice’s forest,

In fields of dreams cast by oppression’s footsteps,

Will be forever mind stumbled,

By imaginary weavings of contextual gymnastics.

     “Jump off, oh foolish hope!”

The hand of man is a card house,

Of extreme material processing.

Simplicity is a word,

Gone from his dictionary.

It only remains along with humility

In dust covered and hidden pages of history.

Those who understand its humble light resonating,

Will walk lightly and freely,

On the LORD’s holy highway.

     His path of light requires great focus,


The mirror game is a boxing ring,

Where a mind of intellect

Crafts ultimate hooks of context.

What truly is seen is a false prophet’s strategy.

     The wind that breeds vanity,

Actually entices illusion to induce choices

That lead to untold calamity.

Once caught in the hand

Of a woman or man,

The cards fall, bleeding serendipity.

     The mind boxing ring,

Is a maze of perfectly cut topiary,

A false impression to lead the heart sense away from,

True feeling’s missionary.

Truth is despoiled in such trajectories.

     Can one mix the batter

In such a way,

To confuse the palate from perceiving

The truth of individual ingredients?

     Maybe so, or for a time.

Remember though,

God is the judge in our lives, and,

Contextual programs over the course of history,

Have a tendency toward revelation.

     What else is knew?

“It is what it is.”

It Shall Be

     It shall be a favorable year of our LORD, God in Heaven.

His light will shine brightly,

In untold measures of understanding.

His words shall illumine

All matter in creation.

     All life is to lift

The breath of its countenance

In hearty and joyful presentation,

To Him.

It shall become a year of the number 10, as humans who choose to embrace the full understanding of God, shall know the time of salvation. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

It shall become a year of the number 10, as humans who choose to embrace the full understanding of God, shall know the time of salvation, and live life accordingly. -C.E. Eksuzian 2016

©2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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