A Piece Of Truth

A Piece Of Truth - C. E. Eksuzian 2017

A Piece Of Truth – C. E. Eksuzian 2017

     I pressed the button

On the wall.

My back was to your walking tall.

     A confident shower

You bestowed to space,

As we entered the moving cube,

In silence.

     Did you know, immediately,

I recognized familiarity

In your face?

It was strong, this recall.

I’ve watched your reports on media’s wall.

     We exited to the same floor, and,

Entered through the double doors of,

A simple place,

Of work and begetting a living wage.

     I know your identity,

I knew it then,

As you sat in proximity to,

My humble quest of,

Living discovery for employment.

     I see you frequently,

As you were, and are,

A public persona.

What were you endeavoring to know,

To craft words so newsworthy?

     I’ve wondered….

Whether I should disclose such remembrance.

However, in present time,

It matters not,

Because my story is

A simple existence that,

Lives and breathes God’s Omnipresence

In materiality.

     Did you know that,

I knew your intention

Some  months ago,

During the bounty

Of Summer’s journey?

     May God bless the light of truth.

©2017 C.E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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