Is God For Sale?


The polarizing color of man’s creative photography feature. CEEksuzian 2017


     It is the first day of Spring, 2017.

The Sun is shining.

Warmth moves rivulets of water,

Over neighborhood streets.

The snow is melting, and,

Reveals the Earth’s time for readiness in,

The regeneration of Life’s being.

Existence is filled with signs of Our LORD,

To capacity.

     To the future I see myself,

Standing on the shore of the sea.

I watch the movement of water, and,

It’s blessings.

The tide has brought forth ocean creatures,

Healthy crabs,

Walking out of the water,

Up onto the sandy beach,

A crowd of shells, pincers and legs,

A crusade in time beneath…

A sky of sunshine in,

The light of day.

     I watch the dark bird

Who is watching me.

It would like to dive in,

To take a treat.

There are so many of late,

Prophecies, gifts from God for life.

Another artistic creation by man, a rose photoshopped for content. CE Eksuzian 2017

     To exploit these prognostications for power and profit,

Is man’s doing, and,

In such exploitations,

Eyes become blind, and,

Ears do not hear,

His Omnipresence is lost,

This underscore of His being.

     The vision came within a few days of today.

I am remembering its wave,

Of light that played

A Song of our Creator,

On life for humanity.

     What does the idea, ‘exploitation’ for profit,

Remove from life?

     The take away is truth,

The bright, all encompassing light,

Of God, our LORD Jesus Christ, and,

The Holy Spirit resonating in,

     The Free Offer Of Mercy.

And yet, a more realistic representation of earthly matter. CE Eksuzian, 2017

Blessed be the Glory of You, LORD,


©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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