A Coming Time of Heightened Pride and Recalcitrant Judgment

A Coming Time of Heightened Pride in Recalcitrant Judgment

     On the eve of Easter,

I found myself enveloped in

White cloudy mist.

     On Easter Evening,

The LORD, God in Heaven,

Held me thus, and,

On my face,

He blew His breath.

     I beheld His eyes,

A crystal, clear blue palate,

Water so deep,

An unfathomable universe.

     The egos of power – of man,

Will force turbulent storms, and,

God will reveal His hand,

Over the gaming in the land.

     He is going to come,

Propelled by wind birthed from,

Converging pressure systems.

     The collision

Will reveal His sword in the storm, and,

Its Sharp Mechanism,

Will uproot the ground It stops on,

Disrupting soil and products of proliferation.

     He will make known foundations cast, and,

The kind of seeds sown.

We shall know God’s judgment.

This to me was shown.

     There exists a time space of snow,

Of frozen cold,

Of country roads carved from rows,

Of snowbanks,

Sparse in driveways with happy homes.

     Driving in such wilderness shall be difficult.

Movement is slowed by,

Rigid attitudes of,

What should be pure,

What should be right according to,

That which is propagated by man made doctrine,

A type of growth in human consciousness

Lying resolutely in its self centered, conformance home.

     This vision 

Was a place of mind space,

That lacked the sunshine of God.

May Our LORD, God in Heaven

Pierce us with,

His knowing light of truth.

     ©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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