Like many words, the word, “stand,” in all of its contexts, has a standing order in history.

How can society, by the power of an individual, a personal opinion, a group or by a seductively, merchandised trend, decide to change the meaning of something that has  been given a long standing in life for humans?

Thus, the strength of some definitions to uphold a light of truth are akin to breathing oxygen for life.  They may also be considered a way of replicating life according to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, in the context of historical definition, of course.

For example, the word, stand, continues to be used in many different contexts daily:

  1.    to stand firm is to maintain one’s position
  2.    it stands to reason is to agree, to have accord
  3.    the order still stands is to remain valid or efficacious
  4.    to stand the test of time is to endure or undergo successfully
  5.    Can’t stand such a person is to endure the presence or personality of
  6.    to stand a chance is to have a chance
  7.    that stands for is to represent
  8.    to stand on one’s own two feet is to act independently
  9.    to stand tall is to exhibit courage
  10.    a stand of trees  is a group of plants growing in a continuous area
  11.    to stand alone is to operate independently
  12.    to stand down is to relax such status
  13.    to stand by is that which is held in reserve, ready for use, or a reliable choice or resource
  14.    to stand out is to be prominent because of excellence
  15.   to stand in is to be employed to occupy someone’s place
  16.    a standing order is an instruction or procedure in force permanently

I discourse on this subject in response to a foretelling in the Gospel of Mark 13, Things To Come.  If one perceives the signs of our time in history, then in many facets of life, the stand for truth is being lost to the darkness of desire.

Desire ignites many dark behaviors, one of which is jealousy.  Jealousy is very personal and is often used as a political weapon against the vulnerability of desire, which of course incurs its green attraction.  Because of jealousy, people will use facets of human consciousness in ways of gaming, to eliminate perceived identity competition from others.  In every corner of life, the action of such dark behavior is taking the place of the light of God in humans, especially because of the desire for the ultimate identity in society.

Here are some questions to ponder beyond their obvious answer.

Is the strength of one’s desire to execute conditions on life, equivalent to the level of one’s power?

Conversely, can humans see themselves making choices to be satisfied with less, less power, less wealth, less influence, less identity?

Will any of these ways of being help humans be delivered by God into His rest?

You decide.

Each side of the coin brings its own revelation in the light of God’s truth, but the truth of such revelation shall be executed by God and this shall occur on a massive scale.

Which brings me to discuss the meaning of “THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION.”

In the Gospel of Mark 13, Things to Come, it is written:

14  But when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION standing where it should not be (let the reader understand), then those who are in Judea must flea to the mountains…..

The Prophet Jeremiah in 6:16 The Destruction of Jerusalem Impending, gives warning to the multitudes:

16  Thus says the LORD,

16  Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls…….

Recently, a vision came to me and I was standing in the midst of it.

     I am standing,

On the shore of the sea.

My eyes look out over

A slick of thick, green goop,


Like an oil spill,

Is killing life, and,

Inhibiting the undulation of ocean waves.

    Weighted down, and suffocating,

Are the bubbles that foam,

The latent breath of Earth’s reign.

     If jealousy has expanded to such a degree,

Then wickedness has pervaded life, and,


Is standing where it should not be,

Replacing the light of God,

Breathing God’s air meant for truth and love

In our beings.

     Desire is heretofore prominent,

As “power over” continues to replace truth, integrity, and,

Doing the right thing.

     We must keep our eyes

Focused to the Sky,

Avidly lifting our hearts to the LORD,

In faith, love, thanks and praise.

Here we know that God’s light of truth

Is the all encompassing life to be.

©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


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