The Choice Of Humans and Salvation’s Time

Recently two visions blossomed.

The first one was of humans living a false balance in life by the polarization of the double mind.

The second was a knowing that the fire of life (the Holy Spirit) produces life not only for a human individual, but through each human individual, produces life for the common good as well.

28 May 2017

     A beautiful bright sword appeared in the sky, and,

A flash of lightening struck its time.

It stood straight up, and,

A truth of appearance mesmerized.

     A dark being encompassed its left side.

Its dark body stretched along the sword’s entire height.

The dark countenance tried,

To eat the sharp tip of the sword’s divine right.

     Attempting to drink holy fire, and,

Reduce the sword’s size,

It’s dark arm encircled the sword’s blazing light.

     A certainty blue backdrop

Offered this vision tonight.

1 June 2017

The artistic rendering of the beauty God’s holy fire creates. C. E. Eksuzian Summer 2017

     Herein lies the glorious light of center.

The stamen’s fire is a flower’s innocence.

It grows the time God gave its being,

To live life and produce guilelessness.

     If we desire blessings from,

The One, Most High,

Our choice to decide through our earthly journey,

Is to live from The Tree Of Life’s time.

     God’s light shall create our center,

In preparation for salvation’s flight.

He will help us evolve our action of choice,

To the most glorious place with our LORD,

Which is to be, Everlasting Life.

It is an amazing contemplation to come into the knowing that polarizing thought forms and emotions are the result of humans living from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The story of this tree is discussed in Genesis 3,  The Fall of Man.  This is the tree that God has given humans the blessing of the understanding of the word choice, our gift of free will.

However, if salvation by God comes from humans living from the Tree of Life, how is it that we arrive to manifest this?

When we, humans choose the understanding of aligning free will to God’s will for us, and manifest such choices, then the spark of divine center is created and life created by human choice reaches a higher vibrational frequency toward Our LORD.

How do humans do this, align free will to God’s will for us?

We must embrace The 10 Commandments in our hearts and minds and walk them in our lives.

When we embrace The 10 Commandments in our hearts and minds and walk them in our lives, we begin to acknowledge the impressions of false balance we’ve been living.  Events begin to occur where we know by our perceptive impulses that God knows our choice to unite our will with His will for us.  We begin to sense God closer to us.  The more we make our own will His will will for us, we begin to have the sense of light that the Tree of Life produces.  It is a sense of knowing we are walking with God, in His direction for us to His place for us.  We know instantly that His truth for us is the One.  We don’t question ourselves with such deliberations as, “Should I create life by truth or false existence?  Should I manifest such creations of life by truth or false existence?  We simply know that the choice of light, of God’s will for us, is the driver and we just turn the key.  God’s hand on us is the ignition.  Such knowing is, The Tree of Life.

A deeper understanding of God and His fire by The Holy Spirit is detailed in Proverbs 8, “The Commendation of Wisdom.”  By God, wisdom is given its power of revelation by the Holy Spirit.  By The Holy Spirit through wisdom, God helps humans to understand the polarization of choice when life is lived by The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.  This is a beautiful passage.

     It is a new day of light.

The earth turns and embraces the sun.

Light has begun to shine on us.

     The earth turns and encumbers night.

Darkness falls and we rest in respite.

     The earth turns and embraces the sun.

It is a new day of light every day, and,

     Time is amortizing.

Which tree shall we eat from?

©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


Genesis 3 The Fall Of Man

Exodus 20 The 10 Commandments

Proverbs 8 The Commendation Of Wisdom






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