The Importance Of Embracing Our Innocence

     In the light of Christ,

We are loved by God.

Our countenance shines,

Despite our style of garment.

     The bio energy of our hearts

Projects in time with our walking.

CEEksuzian 2017 Innocence in blossom.

     Clothing’s accoutrements

Change our light,

Masking its beauty with material sight,

A form of personal, behavioral law,

That transposes the light of God within.

CEEksuzian2017 Impact of styling innocence.

     When we awaken to the epiphany

That we only need God

As we walk each footstep,

The action to manifest

Such sense and feeling,

Is easy,

As love succeeds fear in our heart’s dwelling.

     We know of Heaven

As not just mystical understanding,

But that we are Heaven in God.

Blessed be the Glory of You, LORD,


©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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