A New Game Of Chess Signified

    It was,

Four Fifty A. M.

On three August 2017 in the morning.

Words came for the light in the sky

That arrived some days beforehand.

     There shall be

A team of two colors,

Next to each other,

Silently growing in size.

     The infancy began, and,

Quietly proliferates like mind.

This cohesion shall enlarge,

To a degree that what the multitudes see,

Is an encompassed perspective combined.

     As the public looks on,

It shall dive,

Like a massive condor,

With its wings spread wide,

Targeting the nest

Coveted by power’s high.

This cloud photo came to me with the perception of a massive bird in flight, getting ready to land, a condor, marking its place in time. C. E. Eksuzian 2017

     So far,

Two signs have aligned,

One given by God in the sky, and,

One spoken by voice,

     Two mouths, 

A beak open yet closed at the tip,

Such combination shall mark the ground,

With a power’s trajectory visualizing,

A new game of chess signified.

©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


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