Do Humans Understand Their Place In Creation?

      It is September seventeenth,

In the year Two Thousand Seventeen.

The truth of God,

The name of the LORD,

Is visible and all knowing.

CEksuzian 2017Alpha AndOmega

The Alpha and the Omega combined; and, creating infinity or eternal life.  This is a rubberband I had used. It had fallen from the place I put it, unbeknownst to me. It lays as I found it some days later. C. E. Eksuzian, 2017.

     His “I Am” presence,

The Alpha and the Omega,

Formed into infinity’s definition manifested,

Lies on the ground,

On the earth that humans walk upon.

     No where does a symbol begin,

Nor does the form presence of it’s being end,

A continuous expression of our LORD,

Forever and ever, eternal life’s breath breathing,

All things are possible when we trust in Him.

CEksuzian2017Inverted Triangle

I shot this photo yesterday. A strong holy presence fills me as I look upon it. C. E. Eksuzian, 2017.

     Cloud formations

Are soft and floating, gentle motion.

They merge towards

The inverted triangle, and,

It’s downward propulsion.

     This flowing light from Heaven

Appears to us when,

We lift ourselves up high,

Our soul, body and mind united,

To receive the blessing of Holy water

God bestows on our efforts to know Him.

     The clouds of existence,

Of memories past, and,

The future fear of unknown journey’s end,

Can try to counteract our unity with Him,

But only if we let them.

     Trust in the LORD forever and ever,

He shall cleanse our remembrances, and,

Help us live the faith to which we are destined.

He dissolves our worries that create separation.

Such understanding lies only with God,

In every possible existence we endeavor toward,

Outside and within.

     Blessed be the Glory of YOU, LORD,

God in Heaven, in all of creation, Amen.

©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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