Is consumption taking its toll on life?

2017 CEEksuzian Blue Heron

2017 C E Eksuzian. I love the Blue Heron. It is such a quiet individual in nature. Here it seems to say, “How we consume is everything, and if we are not careful, respectful, we shall consume ourselves.

    We have learned to become a land

Of feeding frenzy.

With such individualized consumeristic flair,

We incite within our emotions,

The question, “What can I have?”

     In this salivation we’ve done,

With minds and feet and hands,

All sorts of manifestations happen,

Including, that which is blasphemous

Under the Sun of Him.

A fact resonates within all this burning.

Life is being lived by false balance.

    Some nights ago through vision,

I saw rocks in the space time

Of foundation,

Strange rocks striped

Like the doors of a prison,

Dark stepping stones,

Laid by the cultivation of,

The desires of man,

Blessed by the mouths of man,

In the houses of our LORD,

God in Heaven.

     Truth has gone sallow

By polluted understanding.

It has lost its bright halo

By the deceived hearts

Of the multitudes of people.

For if the multitudes surely perceived God,

Gone would be the false balance

Breathed by humans.

     As such, consumption is taking its toll on life.


Aside from its medical definition,

Is a present living disease,

Fueled by powerful desire,

Revealing voracious need.


Plows our fields of commerce.

It plants the seeds of greed.

It walks right over the respect for life

Encouraging exploitation to grow its seedling.

     In the times of tribulation,

Which are upon us now,

Such ideology to consume

Will continue to heighten the occurrences

Of civil unrest in societal streams,

Thieving and bloodshed will proliferate, and,

The seven deadly sins of the world

Will grow in intensity.

Natural earthly disruptions will amplify quickly, and,

The abiding of law and order in communities

Shall cease, unless,

Humans strongly choose to move closer to God.

©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.






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