Forthcoming Destinations

     Dark  blue and dull,

Is power’s hull.

As dull as the dark clouds in the sky,

Despite its volume of time,

Its presence presides

In ocean water rising.

     At the shore of the sea,

On the coastline,

The wave forms a hook,

It’s crest reaches a height beyond the horizon.

     It attempts to subdue, to suppress,

A macro scale by its very own steps.

It chooses to weigh down

All voices of fearlessness,

In efforts,

To wash away peace, and heavenly light

To embolden global fright across existence.

     This evil partitioning of humanity’s dress

Shall create its own reckoning of incendiary death.

This prospective crystalizing, spewed forth,

In the dark hours of  morning’s breath.

     Two weeks ago

God shined his light on a land mass.

On a known place of the human race,

He colored it’s body green space,

Green for it’s flag,

Or for coveting face?

     A few days ago

In separate location,

I saw a leader dressed in green stature.

His uniform was stiff,

Like both of his lips.

He was standing in the place of awakening,

From past to present facing,

The human race and its hope

In the breathing of life’s breath.

     Those who purposely, abusively and unjustly,

Trample the dreams of innocence,

Shall receive from God

The Judgement of eternal damnation.

Those who vilify

The peace and restful energy

Known as the Cup of God’s salvation

Shall bear the burden of burning in,

The great furnace of unfathomable heat,

A heat as deep as

The eternity of God’s power in creation.

Those who ignore

The understanding of the LORD

Shall be cast forever into

The dark pit through Sheol’s doors.

     Those who wash themselves clean

By sincerity in reaching to the LORD,

Choosing to ask for forgiveness,

To rest in quietness and repentance,

Will be saved, freed,


From the tethering ethers of

Satan, his ungodly, dark angels, and,

Their deceptive energies.

     Those who choose to see

The all encompassing beauty of

The glory of our LORD, and give thanks for,

His everlasting, ever loving kindness, and,

His omnipresent being,

Shall be free in the tranquility of

His cup of salvation

Thanks be to God.

©2017 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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