Do you see the bed of enlarging sunflower seeds and the APEX they become in the middle, at the top of the crown? They point as if to heaven. Regardless the fact the stamens encircle the fruit like a wall, they have provided plenty of space between for the two tone petals to emerge into a beautiful flower. The bigger picture offers so much more opportunity. Thanks be to God.

An insight came upon me today and thanks to I can speak it.  It is nothing new under the sun.  However, we all need to remind ourselves in everything we do, the choice to be in the light of God is of the utmost importance to promote life.

Metaphorically speaking, borders without walls are like thriving flower colonies in open fields.  Knowing how to create the well being of one flower depends upon how we see the cohesive health of the entire aperture.

     To judge position,

Only limits relating.

To look and listen beyond contention,

Holds the key to open the door,

To heal disagreement’s polarized, rhetorical inventions.

     The formless wall

Is an open door.

Tis a walkway of beauty and integrity.

Tis a precipice of knowing justified penalty,

By ordinance and law.

     One can understand

The abundance to all,

When having a privilege is determined by,

Honoring the stream of being clear water.

     Every footstep’s intention

To walk the hall way over threshold’s call,

Must face the consequences when passing unlawfully.

     To create physical impasse

Limits the most fruitful answers.

The hand of a human

Can manifest fruit in the land,

When the ear hears and listens and,

The eye sees and watches,

By the will of God.

©2019 C. E.  Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Ezekiel 43:8. “When they set their threshold by My threshold and their door post by My door post, with a wall between them and Me, they defiled My holy name by the abominations which they have committed.  Therefore, I have consumed them in My anger.”

In and of itself, isn’t the position of hardened, competition for primary power the biggest loss for all?



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