Greetings Readers 🙂

Wild roses in bloom on a lovely country road, June 2011.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every reader, like button clicker, and commenter for offering legitimate feedback to the content that I write on this blog.

I have created this page to help readers of my blog understand the purpose of my intent with it, as well as express concern that I have regarding our virtual communication experiences on the internet.

In the last two months, my blog has been affected by over 20,000 spam comments, besides troubling computer issues, viruses and the like.   Because of this, I would rather this blog be understood by readers to be a “read only blog.”   I apologize in advance for not responding to like button clicks, comments or the fact that you as a reader have followed my blog.  I am reluctant to leave my computer and internet experiences open to hacking opportunities.

Spam Notification Statistics

Huge jump in spam content in the last two months, March, April, 2012

More profoundly, my deepest sense is that if you’ve found my blog, God has sent you here.   Therefore God is at work, to heal you, and to help you create an opportunity within yourself  to choose the choices that help you move to His path of light.  I am deeply grateful for your feedback to my content.  However,  due to the less worthy intrusive virtual internet forces, I think your feedback to my blog would instead be more purposely driven by you, if you prayed to the LORD to thank Him for the gifts you’ve been given by being shown this blog.   He will give you more gifts by you lifting your prayers, love and faith to Him.

The choice one makes to engage with a spirituality or religion is a highly personal matter.   To find the most spiritual comfort and direction, prayer to God through one’s higher self is necessary for the understanding of these spiritual needs.   One should always first turn to God for the spiritual needs one has, rather than rely on another’s opinions.

It matters most to me that what God has given me, I have broadcasted for Him.  For if I am truly doing His will, you have found my blog because of Him, and so you  have an opportunity to receive His light.   It is thus important to me to remain neutral to all paths of light, spirituality and religion.   So please understand why I no longer may allow comments, and  I may close comments to my blog posts.

If you, readers, gain help or healing from my writing, then you will know that what you’ve gained is a truth from the One, Most High, and can take the opportunity to rejoice in this truth, by receiving from it, what is especially meant for you.   I am already rejoicing in the fact that He has given to me what is meant for all of us to have and that through this blog, I am taking the opportunity to give it to you.    May you be blessed by the LORD, to live His will in what you’ve received by coming here to experience this blog.


Cindy Eksuzian 🙂

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