Our Future Food Chain?

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In the wood, Drifted and dry, The face of a fish, Looks with his eye, At human choices In earth’s time. Selector and selectee Is both predator and prey, Someone or something Is always hungry In the never ending survival … Continue reading

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Sunrise From 2012

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A sunrise of pictures Over the Continental Divide Reveals… Omni present forms of light shining, Through a mystery of clouds. Is this “Z” of light  A remembrance from God Of the consciousness of Mount Zion?     Do you see … Continue reading

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Simplicity: Preserve its Beauty or Use as Opportunity?

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If we use simplicity For material score, For a chance to walk  Through achievement’s door, By a choice of our will To drive the lure, We open a portal For greed to take over. Are we disciplined enough, This, to … Continue reading

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The Rock Of Ages Keeps

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The ocean is roiling Blue and deep, The rock of ages Steadfast in sleep, White water washes clean, Life’s turmoil surroundings. In the sea Of multitudes of peoples, And their gravitations Towards the subtlety Of gods’ stealths to cause cravings For … Continue reading

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Garden Delight

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Garden Delight An organized medley Of vegetable dressings, Pole beans……   Summer squash…. Lovely beet greens….. Growing together, Yet individually, Julia Child expounds, “Scientific workability!” Truth and consensus existing. Sunshine and rain Cause harvest’s blessings Good soil sends seedlings But … Continue reading

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A Decent Respect To Communication

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A Decent Respect To Communication In the sky God reveals how man lies In the pillow Of his cloud mind. In the repose Of a satisfied smile, Eyes closed His chin is firm Toward westerly wind. Yet on his chin Grows … Continue reading

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GOD: HE is.


The nature of GOD

In every piece of

Living matter vibration

HE was.  HE is.  HE will be.

HE is…all of these tenses

In HIS time called eternity.

Light is replete.

Bird song resonates.

Vegetation lifts up from seed.

Flowers blossom fruit.

New growth rises from apple trees.

The old swamp maple, dressed so simply,

Is dear to life.

In GOD, truth lives victoriously free,


HE is.

Copyright 2014. C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Reading:  Job 39. GOD Speaks of Nature and it’s Beings.

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