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Copyright 2013 C E Eksuzian all rights reserved

It is truly noticible, this great chasm between God and man.  Sheol is powerfully present in manufering us away from God’s lovingingkindness and the Holy gifts He’s given us, through varying degees of subtle emotional tricks.  

Who is really living our lives?  Where does our Constitution stand inrelation to this?

God has given us His gift of the Earth and we are His likeness in every spec of matter thus so listen to the difference between Him and man’s efforts.  

So the intel the media gets, is it some one’s hedge fund, a leverage bet on communication?  Is the media on the right track to inform the public, or is its intel unknowingly gleaned from some political word track, whose intent is to get the public on some train track?    

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The Street

The Street

The street can be

A pollution of media thought forms,

Vagrantly executed

A twisting and bending of truth,

A conflagration of gossip……poop.

Who cares of judgment’s noose,

Do you?

If you do,

You’re trapped possibly

In the grapevine’s ladder ruse.

Ta ta…

The last ring at the top 

Breaks in two

And one falls

To humble pie’s taste buds.

Copyright 2013 C E  Eksuzian, all rights reserved.





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The Flood

The Flood

A flood began.

Water pouring
Buttes and mesas,

I tried to hurry,
To save my myself,
And my belongings…

But the water was roiling,
And dirty.
It flowed,
Descended with fury,

Trying to engulf
Material items
And human dignity.

©2013 C E Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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Are We Exceptional?

Are we Exceptional?

Is one exceptional

A White House
Defines quintessential?

Is one exceptional

One is physically or mentally
Capable beyond normal?

Is one excepttional
By the defining
Of  societal norms

That call achievement and greatness
Beyond believeable?

Be careful
Lest one’s ego
Defines exceptional.

One is exceptional
By the grace of God
And one lives this exceptionality

By knowing the feeling and place
Of ordinary…
Not even capitalizing on the ego
Of one’s own exceptional spirit
Given to thee.

Because one feels the grace
Of every day,
Given to humanity.

Glory to You, Lord.

©2013 C E Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Visit ST. Paul, 1 Corinthians 12  “The Use Of Spiritual Gifts

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