Sky Advisory?

Sky Advisory?

Ancient Hand Cloud

Ancient Hand Cloud

An ancient hand
Is a cloud
Over the land.

Caught on camera
At the intersection
Of Platinum and Alabama.

Pointing north
Is it’s craggy
Index finger.

A prompt to look
At a message
In His Book.

Random openings
Over a consecutive
Time period.

Coming to me
Are His 4 Chariots.

The same passage displayed
Over and over
Is Zechariah 6.

And the number 6
Glows royal blue brightly
In space of conscious existence.

Shall I make an inference
Of a coincidence
Of the combination
Of occurrence of these events?

And the fact
That this poem
Poured out
Of consciousness?

It is a sense
That we, in full repentance,
Pray for forgiveness
Give love and thanks for life
And ask for His gift
Of salvation,

Be blessed today,
Once you’ve prayed.

-Cindy Eksuzian

©2013 C E Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

NOTE:  I had to correct one line I noticed on my post.  This is a reasonably important declaration, I think.  The line was “Of Mercury and Alabama.”   I actually shot the photo at the intersection of “Platinum and Alabama,”  the intersection of two streets.

Platinum is a precious silvery-white metal.  It is also the chemcal element of atomic number 78.  This number reduces to 15, then again to the number SIX.  LOTS OF 6’S IN THIS COMMUNICATION.

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