That Which Shall Quicken With Time

“Eternally, God, our heavenly father emerges light.” C. E. Eksuzian, March 2019

Can we perceive God at work in our lives?  If we can, we know the vastly, humbling experiences He blesses us with.   More than ever,  it is critical that we come to Him in Thanksgiving.

The living light of God at work in our lives comes suddenly upon us.  He will protect and save our righteous efforts.  He will also abruptly deliver His justice in regard to our efforts, when we require correction.

He will also reveal our choices and their contrasts if any, for the light of truth they are.

Especially now, our time should be focused on cleansing ourselves of all unworthy directions.  Life and death are moving ever so quickly together.

We must choose one.

This post is a perspective on the movement of truth with time.  It shall be to the dismay of many or to the satisfaction of those who seek justice, that God shall be ever so more acutely, accelerating the time between what we say and what we do.   As quickly as truth shall be revealed, all life will feel like an insurmountable storm that takes up everything in its path to drag it along.  It will seem like an unavoidable vortex.

The only path to peace and safety is aligning oneself with the light of Christ.  For He knows the best choices for us to make in our daily lives, when we experience fall out from our choices.

Stay with Him.

The following prose is one example of how God will be appearing ever more strongly in our lives.

     Sharp and confidently fine front teeth

Shall be extracted.

They shall be gone from that certain smile.

It too shall be redacted.

     All that remains will be two discolored molars,

Set in the back in the mouth’s recesses.

Upon inspection, revealed shall be roots

That have blackened.

They too shall be extracted.

     One shall be pulled, and,

In its aftermath,

Blood shall drip from its biological cavern.

     This entire circumstance

Shall reveal a family matter.

The LORD GOD in Heaven is the One,

Who shall remove a certain kind of chatter.

     Truly, God is the One,

Who shall direct the tongue.

The teeth that surround

Always reveal the manifested platter.

     The twisted paths and eroded by ways,

Seeking to be God’s Holy Highway,

Shall be ended; they shall be consumed by the LORD.

     Remember this as He spoke through Jeremiah,

“Stand by the ways, and see and ask for the ancient paths,

Where the good way is, and walk in it;

And you will find rest for your souls….”

©2019 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


Ezekiel 7:  7, 26

Psalm 50:  23


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