Mother Nature: Mrs. Unpredictability

Mother Nature gives us so many blessings.  Water, resources to grow crops and thus sustain our need for food, and resources to provide shelter and clothing, not to mention oxygen for life!

She also helps us communicate to God through our spirits, when we use the gift of intuition God has given us.  So here is a poem for today, a weather story of yesterday, and two cents for the importance of listening to your gut!

Sorry, no pictures, I had to pay attention to my driving!

Mother Nature, Mrs. Unpredictability

Was an interesting day,
That brought
The very unpredictability
Of the Montana skyline.

Since I’m a newbie
To this geography,
I guess one could say,
I am still learning
The meaning here
Of this area’s
Geographical navigation!

A noon day storm
Folded in
Over the mountains,
Into the valley,

A silent conquest,
Imparted from the west.
The temperature dropped
Sixteen degrees so fast.

The horizon changed
From light to black,
With such subtle fact.
One minute
It was partly cloudy.

In the next few minutes
A black sky, truly black,
A reverse mushrooming energy,
Filled to the floor of the Earth,
In which I’ve never seen
The likes of
From yesterday, past.

I wondered if we’d have
A funnel cloud?
But when the storm passed
Thankfully, the sky cleared.

I was in Staples
Watching shopping carts
In the parking lot,
In automatic drive,
From the wind’s fierce ride.

Hail the size of dimes
Thickly and forcefully imparted,
From this turbulent sky,
Fierce thunder and lightening,
At a temperature of thirty nine
Degrees farenheit!

A Staples employee commented
His weather wonderings
For this town West of the Divide.
This storm was uncommon
In March for this time.

I wonder that
For Montana natives,
This storm could be classified
As an uncommonly
Common occurrence?

Yet still I believe
There is a message
For the safety
Of our lives.

Last Spring
In the Northeast
In my home town area
Of the Berkshire Hills
In Massachusetts,
Mother nature deluged us,
With heavy rain,
Flooding and tornadoes.
This was an uncommon

It is my estimation that
Humans need to be ready
For Mother Nature’s
Turbulent weather safaris.
Especially the micro bursts,
That arrive quickly!

What does one do
When storms
Within weather patterns
Approach out of the blue
And catch us off guard
In their subtle
And swift movement?

I was heading into town
On a noon day errand,
To shop for paper goods,
Via 90 West,
Our Interstate, the short cut
To the closest exit.

While driving,
I was blessed to see
How God delivers
Such atmospheric turmoil
From a vantage point,
As I was,
East of the valley.

I was up high enough
On a piece of geography
To watch nature’s elements
Play over the terrain,
And barrel down
Into the city.

After this weather experience,
If you don’t mind,
Here are two cents
I shall offer,
To do with
As you wish!

Keep your eye
On the horizon,
Even if you’ve seen
The day’s weather pattern.

In all your preparations
In your home and your car,
Listen to your gut for safety,
In Mother Nature’s unpredictability,
As She affects
Your daily wanderings!
And most of all
Say a prayer to be blessed

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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One Response to Mother Nature: Mrs. Unpredictability

  1. Numero Uno says:

    Interesting and beautiful. I loved it

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