The Mallards: Dapper and Fluff

How fun, nature adventures, especially the ones that come upon us unplanned! Thank God we have a camera when the universe unfolds like “April showers bring May flowers,”  and warm Spring winds bring flying wings.   Joyful adventures lie in wait for the kid in us!

I was out walking the other day and came upon two Mallard ducks in the wood.  They were the most adorable creatures to watch together!  Here’s a poem for our waterfowl and our young children.  🙂

The Mallards, Dapper and Fluff

Mallard ducks are so common and easy to get close to so one can watch them. I was walking through a wooded path and heard them singing quack songs!

He’s a good Daddy duck,
Takes care of the Missus
So she can take care of the nest,
And the youngun’s
When they come.

They’ve been flying for weeks
Cruising homeward.

A landing on water,
They paddle together
Causing rivulets in the brook.
She sings in quack time
And he scopes the environment
For security in the rough.

Dapper sports plumage
In colorful elegance.
Fluff is very comfortable
In her own stuff.
She is soft and blends into
Their environment surroundings.

Mates at present, no ducklings yet!

He takes care of her,
And she takes care of him.
That’s why they love each other so much.
Their ducklings are safe and happy,
Quack, quack,
‘Cause Mom and Dad
Know their responsibilities
And live them with love.
Family values,
As a matter of fact.

Far away by a mountain
The Mallards flew in
Settling down to family creation,
By water and bull rushes
And a pool
Perfect for splashing and dabbling,
Before the terrain
Causes a small waterfall
Into rocks and rapids.

Mrs. Fluffy Mallard
Found a perfect spot
But of course
Dapper had his quack
About her choice of environment.

Hmmm..........nest questing?

A happy and peaceful
Place of rest
They finally agreed upon
To build their nest.

By mountain ground
There’s a gurgling stream,
Where in the Spring
A creek fills to overflowing,
Just the right depth,
For the youngun’s to practice paddling.

Hidden in a forest
Of pine and spruce,
A wilderness dream
With huckleberry bushes,
And a spattering of hardwoods,
Are the Mallards,
Dapper and Fluff.

©2012 Cindy Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

A wonderful waterfowl article on saving endangered species can be viewed here!

Why are male birds more colorful than female birds?  Answer.

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2 Responses to The Mallards: Dapper and Fluff

  1. selah says:

    I love your poem, and now I know why female ducks are brown.. to blend into their surroundings..

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